Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I am a long term investor tracking global markets from past decade with investments in India and outside. What i learnt as long term investor is we should not get emotionally attached to stocks we own, a good investor will time his entry and exits properly which will help create and preserve wealth. Therefore i wanted to learn few technical & fundamental skills to enhance my ability to time when to buy and when to exit stocks.

In the process i came to know about Mr.A S Chakravarthi’s  NCFM Institute, i met him one day and he suggested to attend his demo which will clarify all my questions and he doesn't give any personal training to individuals.

I’ve attended his demo and since then his point of view has made me not to miss even one single class. Some of the points which made his training stand out are:

  • Every class is enriching with some new concepts which we don’t know, even if we know we don't see things in that perspective. 
  • He has different style in explaining complicated concepts with real life examples which reinforces importance of each concept and helps understand them easily. Few examples Power of compounding, Options concepts and various strategies.
  • His delivery style and body language keeps each class lively and humorous.
  • Most importantly sharing his own success stories and failures. He discusses a lot about mistakes he made and how much money he lost on wrong bets. This requires lot of guts to admit and talk about his mistakes. 
  • He is the first person i heard talking about current global downtrend which he predicted early when NIFTY is at 8600 and he has been talking about this crash in our classes, he even predicted steep fall in stock like YES Bank and HPCL. We have seen all these things playing out in the same way.
Timing is very important in stock markets, best wealth creators like Warren Buffer/Marc Faber/Rakesh JhunJhunwala/Ramesh Damani/Ramdeo Agarwall all speak about basic investment philosophy of 'buy low and sell high’. All their skills lie in finding right time to enter and exit. This is where Mr. Chakravarthi spends lot of time in his classes. There are plenty of ways to time the markets, fundamentally and technically these aspects can be analyzed. 

I’ve benefited tremendously attending his classes and learn’t lot of aspects which i didn’t knew before investing in stock markets. I would strongly recommend all professionals to attend his classes including those who think they know a lot/little about stock markets. I am sure they will find in few sessions that there is lot to learn in stock markets, what we know is a small drop in big ocean!!!

Thanks & Regards
Hari, B.Tech, ICWAI-USA